LoLUpdater | Web

Tips for how to start a Website

Get a domain-name

Get Hosting

Use Cloudflare to get free SSL certificate (https:// instead of http://) along with other benefits

PNGoo (Compress your .png images files here) or use this to encode your images to base64.

When using images, SVG is the best option, they scale properly with different resolutions.

Webmaster tools

Go to Google webmaster tools

Register your domain (with www) and without "www"

Add the SSL version as well if you have SSL


Create a sitemap here

Upload Sitemap.xml to your root directory

Upload the sitemap on your google webmaster account on both your www and non-www domain (SSL & Non-SSL, then submit it


Create a file named "robots.txt" in your root "www" directory

Fill it with this:

User-agent: *


(In Google-Webmaster) Go to "Crawl" -> "robots.txt tester", submit.

Site compression

Enable Gzip compression from the cpanel, or check how it is done for Apache/Nginx

Enable keep-alive (In .htaccess file)

<ifModule mod_headers.c>

Header set Connection keep-alive



Register your domain

Update your nameservers


Recommended Cloudflare settings:


SSL (with SPDY): Flexible

Always use HTTPS: On

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): Status: On

Max-Age: 6 months (recommended)

Include subdomains: On

Preload: On

No-sniff: On

Authenticated Origin Pulls: On

TLS 1.3: On

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: On


Security Level: High

Challenge Passage: 15 minutes


Auto Minify: Check all

IP Geolocation: On


Caching Level: Standard

Browser Cache Expiration: 5 Days

Always Online: On


Rule 1:

Cache Level: Cache everything

Browser cache expire TTL: 4 Hours

Always Online: On

Edge Cache TTL: 2 Hours

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: On

SSL: Flexible SSL

Security Level: High

Rule 2:

Always use https: On