LoLUpdater | Tips

Improve connection speed (Wired ethernet only)

Headphones & DAC (Digital-Analog-Converter)

I recommend the ATH-AD2000X (These are Open-Back, there are also Closed-Back) and ifI micro iDSD BL

Make sure you update to the latest idsd-firmware

You will need a OTG-USB cable to use it with your phone

USB Audio Player PRO & NEUTRON

You will require this/these app(s) to play sound files on android if you are using a DAC

Improve Sound-Quality in VideoLAN (See 64bit version)

Higher Quality Audio

Useful Drivers/Tools

De-dust your computer

Reduce RAM usage in Windows

Disable Unwanted Start-up Items

Disabling Mouse-Acceleration

Free-up Disk Space

Defrag Hardrive or Optimize SSD

League of Legends on Linux

Photoshop CC 2017 Performance Boost