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Selecting components for your self-built PC


I recommend using Intel Processors, when selecting your motherboard be sure that it is a 1151 type socket

New Intel i9 processors will use 2066 Socket

Be sure to take notice whether it is Crossfire or SLI compatible (multiple graphic cards)

ATX is the most common form-factor

m-ATX if you want a compact PC


Intel has released the new Kaby-Lake processors, they range from the i3 7100 to the i7 7700's

If a the processor name ends with "K/X" it means that it is overclockable

RAM / Internal Memory

The 1151 socket is compatible with DDR4 memory

Go with 2133Mhz modules since anything higher than that show little performance gain

The lower the "CL" value is the faster the modules are


Any chassie will do really, the cheaper the better in my opinion since then you are able to put more money into other components


Having a SSD (or PCI-e SSD) nowadays is almost a must

You can compliment the SSD with a high capacity harddrive


Go for AMD if you are on a limited budget, else Nvidia


Take anything that works for your setup that is Gold80+ certified.

Optional Components

You can select and AudioCard of your Liking, however I recommend getting a DAC (Digital-Analog-Converter)

There is watercooling if you can afford it, then there is custom CPU fan cooling