Improve framerate / Reduce keyboard-latency / Improve graphics

LoLUpdater description
Compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, PlayOnLinux
New files Custom up-to-date DLL files

Unmodified files are found here

Updated files are found here
Open-Source Source-Code on Github
Improved performance Less FPS drops & Client uses less RAM
(Optional) Shading filters

(Optional) Improved Graphics
ReShade (Costs fps)

Download LoLUpdater

Download Windows Dependency

Download LoLUpdater for mac OS
Version Date Comment
Windows v2.0.5.7 2017-Feb-24Updated Autoupdater
Mac-OS v3.1.1 2017-Feb-24Use stable Rust & Update dependencies

Bitcoin: 15RBXbeLshjDFg5B8cQXQEaP2dQHDXc1LT

Step Instruction
One Update League of Legends
Two Install dependency
Three Right-click > Properties > Unblock > OK

(If there's no Unblock button) Open Powershell as administrator -> Unblock-File -Path C:\users\you\downloads\

(PlayOnLinux) Right click LoLUpdater.exe -> Properties -> Permissions -> Allow executing as program -> ticked
Four Extract > Run LoLUpdater.exe
Five (Select your LoL directory)
League of Legends GarenaLoL
Riot Games\League of Legends GarenaLoL\GameData\Apps\LoL(TW)
Fast tbb.dll

Precise tbb.dll

Strict tbb.dll
Best performance

Performance & little lower keyboard latency

Low Keyboard Latency & Enhanced Graphics
Six Repatch with LoLUpdater every LoL-Patch

Email :

Skype : Ikorsu


Unblocked DirectX/OpenGL

DirectX Unblocked

(Compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Unblocking means removing a "tag" at the end of the file that says that it's downloaded from the internet.

DirectXBooster gives better graphics

Download DirectXBooster

DirectXBooster Dependency

Step Instruction
One Right click compressed archive -> Properties -> Unblock -> OK then install Dependency

(If there is no Unblock Button) Open Powershell as administrator > Unblock-File -Path C:\users\you\downloads\
Two Run DirectXBooster.exe (as administrator)

League of Legends Tips

  • Save your Influence-Points ("IP") until Lvl 20, so you can buy tier 3 runes, it's OK to leave them empty until then.

How to install League of Legends on Linux

How to set up a website

  1. Buy a domain name (For example from

  2. Buy hosting (For example from BlazingFast.IO)

  3. Host your content

  4. Set up (Monetization)

  5. Use Cloudflare to get free SSL certificate (https:// instead of http://)

How to improve Search-Engine results ("SEO")

Improve page load speed

Webmaster tools

  1. Go to Google webmaster tools

  2. Register your domain (with www) and then without "www"

  3. Add the SSL version as well if you have SSL


  1. Create a sitemap here Sitemap-generator

  2. Upload Sitemap.xml to your root directory

  3. Upload the sitemap on your google webmaster account on both your www and non-www domain (SSL & Non-SSL, then submit it


  1. Create a file named "robots.txt" in your root "www" directory
  2. Fill it with this:

    User-agent: *


  3. (In Google-Webmaster) Go to "Crawl" -> "robots.txt tester", submit.

Site compression

  • Enable Gzip compression from the cpanel, or check how it is done for Apache/Nginx

  • Enable keep-alive

    In .htaccess

    <ifModule mod_headers.c> Header set Connection keep-alive </ifModule>


    1. Register your domain
    2. Update your nameservers
    3. Enable DNSSEC
      • Recommended Cloudflare settings:

      • Crypto:
      • SSL (with SPDY): Flexible

        HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): Status: On

        Max-Age: 6 months (recommended)

        Include subdomains: On

        Preload: On

        No-sniff: On

        Authenticated Origin Pulls: On

      • Firewall:
      • Security Level: High

        Challenge Passage: 15 minutes

      • Speed:
      • Auto Minify: Check all

        Rocket Loader: Automatic/Manual

        IP Geolocation: On

      • Caching:
      • Caching Level: Standard

        Browser Cache Expiration: 5 Days

        Always Online: On

      • Page-rules:

      • Rule

        Custom caching: Aggressive Caching

        Browser cache expire TTL: 4 Hours

        Always Online: On

        Apps: On

        Performance: On

        Rocket Loader: Automatic

        Security: On

        SSL: Flexible SSL

        Security Level: High

        Browser Integrity Check: Off

      • Rule 2:

        Always use https: On

    4GB Patch for 64 bit Processors

    Allows 32 bit applications to use the larger "64-bit" memory-adress space = "4GB"

    Otherwise 32 bit applications can use a maximum of 2GB (Allocated RAM)

    Creates a backup of the original file in case the program/game stops working

    1. Right click the executable -> Properties -> Unblock -> OK

    Download 4GB-Patch

    Written/Made by Daniel Pistelli

    The tips below are Windows ONLY

    Improve connection speed (Wired only)

    • Open the device manager (Control Panel -> System And Security -> System -> Advanced System Settings (On the right) -> Hardware)

    • Find your ethernet card (PCI-E something) (Under "Network Adapters")

    • Go to properties -> Advanced

    • Under the "Speed & Duplex" tab select "100 Mbps Full Duplex" or "1.0 Gbps Full Duplex" (Highest possible)

    • After: Right Click link below -> Save link as, run script as administrator

      Right Click -> Save as

    Useful Tools/Drivers

    Type Link
    Graphics Driver Nvidia
    Graphics Driver AMD ATI
    Integrated Graphics Driver Intel
    Chipset Driver Intel Chipset
    Audio Driver Realtek Integrated
    Samsung SSD speed booster Samsung Magician
    Modified Intel driver Intel drivers
    Modified AMD Graphics Driver AMD ATI

    De-dust your computer

    • Buy "Dust-Off" or Compressed-air (Less than or about 10 bucks)

    • Disconnect your computer from the power-source

    • Open your chassi
    • Spray freely everywhere inside the chassi

    Reduce RAM Used in Windows by Disabling the Aero Theme

    • Run SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe

    • Select "Adjust for best performance"

    • Click "OK"

    Disable Unwanted Start-up Items

    • Run msconfig.exe

    • under the "Startup" tab disable all the items you don't want to start-up when you start Windows

    Disabling Mouse-Acceleration (For better mouse handling)

    • Open Mouse Properties (search under Control Panel if you're lost on where to get to it)

    • Under the "Pointer Options" tab make sure "Enhance pointer precision" is unchecked

    • Hit "OK"

    Free-up Disk Space

    • Run cleanmgr.exe as administrator

    • Select what you'd like to clean

    Defrag Hardrive or Optimize SSD

    • Run dfrgui.exe

    • Defrag your HDD for better performance, or optimize your SSD

    Selecting components for your PC


    I recommend using Intel Processors, when selecting your motherboard be sure that it is a 1151 type socket

    Be sure to take notice wether it is Crossfire or SLI compatible (multiple graphic cards)

    ATX is the most common form-factor


    Intel has released the new Skylake processors, they range from the i3 6100 to the i7 6700's

    If a the processor name ends with "K" it means that it is overclockable

    RAM / Internal Memory

    The 1151 socket is compatible with DDR4 memory

    Go with 2133Mhz modules since anything higher than that show little performance gain

    The lower the "CL" value is the faster the modules are


    Any chassie will do really, the cheaper the better in my opinion since then you are able to put more money into other components


    Having a SSD (or PCI-e SSD) nowadays is almost a must

    You can compliment the SSD with a high capacity harddrive


    Go for AMD if you are on a limited budget, else Nvidia


    Take anything that works for your setup that is Gold80+ certified.

    Optional Components

    You can select and AudioCard of your Liking, however I recommend getting a DAC (Digital-Analog-Converter)

    There is watercooling if you can afford it, then there is custom CPU fan cooling

    Headphones & DAC [Digital-Analog-Converter] Combo

    I recommend the ATH-AD2000X and ifI micro iDSD BL

    Make sure you update to the latest idsd-firmware

    You will need a OTG-USB cable to use it with your phone

    USB Audio Player PRO / NEUTRON

    You will require this/these app(s) to play sound files on android if you are using a DAC

    Improve Sound-Quality in VideoLAN

    Use the 64bit version of VLC if you can

    • Open VLC
    • Press Ctrl + P
    • Bottom left -> Show settings: All

    • Audio -> Speex resampler -> Resampling quality: 10
    • Audio -> SRC resampler -> Sample rate vonverter type -> Sinc function (best quality)

    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> DCA -> Uncheck DTS dynamic range compression

    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> A/52 -> Uncheck A/52 dynamic range compression

    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> Speex -> Mode: Ultra-wideband (32kHz)
    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> Speex -> Encoding complexity: 10
    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> Speex -> Encoding quality: 10

    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> Twolame -> Encoding quality: 10
    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> Twolame -> Psycho-acoustic model: 4

    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> Vorbis -> Encoding quality: 10

    • Input / Codecs -> Audio codecs -> Demuxers -> Raw Audio -> FOURCC code of raw input format -> f32l

    • Higher Quality Audio

      Might not work with all speaker setups

      • Right click on your Windows volume manager

      • Click "Playback devices"

      • Right click on your default (in-use) speakers

      • Select "Properties"

      • Under the "Advanced" tab set the "Default Format" to "24 bit, 192000 Hz" (Or highest)

      • Hit "OK"

    Photoshop CC 2017 Performance Boost

    Step Instruction
    One Right Click the compressed archive -> Properties -> Unblock -> OK

    (If there's no Unblock button) Open Powershell as administrator -> Unblock-File -Path C:\users\you\downloads\
    Two Extract and move files to (C:)\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

    Download 32 Bit files

    Download 64 Bit files

    How to set up Bfg-Miner (Bitcoin miner) on Ubuntu

    Download bash-script
    • 1. Run Script
    • 2. Wait
    • Start program with ./bfgminer


    Single pool:

    bfgminer -o http://pool:port -u username -p password

    Multiple pools:

    bfgminer -o http://pool1:port -u pool1username -p pool1password -o http://pool2:port -u pool2usernmae -p pool2password

    Multiple blockchains:

    bfgminer -o http://pool1:port -u pool1username -p pool1password --pool-goal default -o http://pool2:port -u pool2usernmae -p pool2password --pool-goal freicoin

    Single pool with a standard http proxy:

    bfgminer -o http://pool:port -x http://proxy:port -u username -p password

    Single pool with a socks5 proxy:

    bfgminer -o http://pool:port -x socks5://proxy:port -u username -p password

    The list of proxy types are:

    http: standard http 1.1 proxy

    socks4: socks4 proxy

    socks5: socks5 proxy

    socks4a: socks4a proxy

    socks5h: socks5 proxy using a hostname

    Proxy support requires cURL version 7.21.7 or newer.

    (sudo apt-get install curl)

    If you specify the --socks-proxy option to BFGMiner, it will only be applied to all pools that don't specify their own proxy setting like above

    After saving configuration from the menu ([S],[W]) you do not need to give BFGMiner any arguments, it will load your configuration instead.

    Any configuration file may also contain a single "include" : "filename" to recursively include another configuration file. Writing the configuration will save all settings from all files to the output configuration file.



    Console / GUI blackjack game

    Download NewbieBlackJack

    Performance boost

    Step Instruction
    One Download CPU-Z
    Two Check what highest SIMD-instruction your processor supports
    Three Download appropriate file
    Four Paste to -> Hi-Rez Studios\HiRezGames\smite\Binaries\Win32
    Five Rename to -> tbbmalloc.dll